“Reformed Living = Slaves No More”
“Do You Want To Live?”
(Vision) “What Do We See - Really?”
 “Look Up! (Don’t Be Discouraged)”
Are You Invested?
Role Modeling
Mom Knows Best
Thoughtful Thanksgiving
The Story, Chapter 31: “The End of Time”
The Story, Chapter 28: “New Beginnings”
The Story, Chapter 27: “The Resurrection”
The Story, Chapter 26: “The Hour of Darkness”
Chapter 24, The Story: “No Ordinary Man”
The Story, Chap. 23:  “Jesus’ Ministry Begins”
The Story, Chap. 22:  “The Birth of The King”
The Story, Chapter 21 “Rebuilding The Walls”
The Story, Chapter 20: “The Queen of Beauty and Courage”
The Story, Chapter 19:  “The Return Home”
The Story, Chap. 16:  “The Beginning of the End”
The Story, Chapter 15. “God’s Messengers”
The Story, Chap. 14 “The Kingdom Torn In Two”
The Story, Chapter 13: “The King Who Had It All”
“From Hero to Zero” (Palm Sunday)
The Story, Week 12: “The Trials of a King”
The Story Week 11: “From Shepherd to King”
The Story, Week 10:  “Standing Tall, Falling Hard”. (To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice)
The Story:  Week 9 “The Faith of a Foreign Woman”
The Story: Week 8 "A Few Good Men . . . and Women"
The Story: Week 7 “The Battle Begins”
The Story, Week 6 “Wanderings”
The Story, Chp. 5 “New Commands and a New Covenant”
The Story, Chapter 4: Deliverance
The Story, Chapter 3: “Joseph, From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh” (1/29/17)
The Story: Chapter 2. “God Builds a Nation”. (1/22/17)
The Story, Chp. 1 "Creation: The Beginning of Life As We Know It"
Where To Pray
Who Do We Pray To? The Triune God
What is Prayer? Prayer is Homecoming
“Living As A Patriot”
“How Then Shall We Live? As Those Who Have Died”
“How Then Shall We Live? As Seekers of God First”
“How Then Shall We Live?  As Those Taking Steps of Obedience”
“How Then Shall We Live? As People of the Table”
“How Shall We Then Live? As those who worship in the Spirit and in truth”
“How Shall We Then Live? – As Those Belonging To God”
"How Then Shall We Live" Series Intro
Getting It Right
March 15, 2015 Kingdom Kulture – Takes Community (Part 1 – Community through shared gifts)
Romans 12:4-8 Building a Kingdom Kulture: Acknowledging and Cultivating Gifts
February 22, 2015 Building a Kingdom Kulture: An Attitude of Humility and Employment
Building a Kingdom Kulture, Part 2 (Romans 12:2)
Romans 12:1-21 (1-3) Building a Kingdom Kulture
Defining “Church” – in the Early church
Defining “Church” – As Jesus Did
The Power of Baptism Mark 1:4-11 and Acts 19:1-7
“All Good Gifts”
“When You Get What You Want” Luke 2:22-38
“Cause To Rejoice” “Cause To Rejoice”
“Repenting Like We Mean it” Luke 3:7-18
“Saying Yes” Luke 1:26-38
First Sunday in Advent: Expectation Luke 21:25-36
“Gone, But Not Forgotten” Genesis 25:1-11
“A Love Story” Genesis 24:1-66
The Death of Sarah and What Respect Looks Like Genesis 22:20-23:20
Abraham and his Sons: Bound to Obey Genesis 21:1-20 and 22:1-19
Genesis 20:1-18 and 21:22-34 What Impression Do You Make?
Philippians 3:4b-14 Its All Jesus
Error Begets Error, Genesis 19:15-18
God Is Serious About This
Bartering With God
Is Tomorrow Monday? Again?
Led By Our Fathers
The Power of Communication
Noah's Story - June 1
"Curtains for the World, Covenant for Noah"
Genesis 4:1-16
Look UP, Look IN, Look OUT
Genesis 3:14-24 The Consequences of Sin
Genesis 3:6-13 Sin and Shame (The Anatomy of Sin)
Genesis 3:1-5 Learning to Sin
Genesis Series Gen. 2:18-25 In The Garden before it all went to pot (Part 1: The Marriage Covenan
Genesis Series: 2:4-17 "In The Garden - Before it all went to pot" (Part 1)"
Genesis Series: 1:1-2:3 "Let All Creation Teach Us"
Genesis Series: Introduction
P is for Perseverance
L is for Light
I is for Intentional
D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E.S is for Community
D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E. S is for Sacramental
September 29 - "I" is for Imitator of Christ
D - Disciples are Devoted
September 15 - "What's Next?"
September 8, Discipleship Costs!
Psalm 81
May 12, 2013 Essential Tenants Wk. 4 Topic: Incarnation Title: Visited by Gods GloryStand in Awe
May 5, 2013 Essential Tenants Wk. 3 Topic: Trinity Title: One-in-Three, Three-in-OneEmbrace the My
April 28, 2013 Essential Tenet 1: Gods Word the Authority of Our Confession
April 21st Sermon
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