L is for Light

November 3, 2013


L is for Light-Bearer

Matt. 5:14-16 (and others)


Children’s Sermon:  “This Little Light of Mine”

Light the candle and introduce it as “My little light”

What can My Little Light do?

What happens if I put this bowl over it? Can it still do what it’s meant to do?

What happens if I blow it out?  Can it still do what it’s meant to do?

I need the flame on my little light to burn if it’s going to do its job.

Did you know that Jesus wants you to be his Little Light? How can you do that? 

A match can’t make your light shine.  What will make your light shine?

What might try to cover your light up?

What might try to blow your light out?

Let’s tell Jesus and the world that we’re going to let our light shine by singing the song that proclaims just that.  We’ll ask the congregation to join us.


Intro:  We are still fleshing out what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We have discerned that:

D is for devoted – Devoted to what?  To being the body of Christ as it is shown to us in Acts 2.  Devoted to gathering, to the teaching of God’s Word, to fellowship with each other, to breaking of the bread in the Lord’s Supper – as we will do today and to prayer.  Devoted means that these things are precious to us and we are committed to one another through them.

I is for imitators – Using Phil 2:1-11 we talked about what it would mean for us to imitate Jesus, to walk in his shoes, to show up where he would show up, to say the things he would say, to devote ourselves to modeling our daily life after his.

S is for sacramental – Baptism and Communion, the two sacraments of the Reformed Church remind us of our adoption as children of God and as our status as redeemed, forgiven, and saved sinners because of the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf.

C is for community – According to 1 Peter 2:4-12, we are to be . . . like living stones, being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. It means something to be part of this particular community.  Within this community is our identity – a holy priesthood – and our mission – to present Christ to the world that surrounds us.

I is for intentional – We are to be thoughtful, purposeful, intentional about our prayer life (our relationship with God) and about our relationships with those outside the church.  What is your plan for reaching those who don’t know Jesus?

P is for perseverance – Don’t quit.  Hang on and hang in regardless of the circumstances.  Run the race, fight the fight, remain faithful to God’s calling in your life.


And we’re not done yet!  Today we come to the letter “L” which is for “Light-bearer”. 


Do you remember that when I tried to leave you, around 13 years ago, that I left you with this Light House.  And my charge to you was that you should be “light bearers”, tending the flame, being a beacon. That charge still stands. 

Did you know that LIGHT plays a role all through Scripture?  We’re going to take a brief view so prepare to flip your Bibles to several passages in the next few minutes.


We’ll start with Genesis 1:1-5.  This world began with the Word of God speaking, “Let there be light” and there was.  Look down a few verses and let’s read Gen 1:14-19.  Light has it’s purpose defined right here. Light separates day from night, gives guidance, tells time, and at the very end of verse 18 we see that it separates itself from the darkness.  Light has always existed and it has always existed in contrast to darkness.


Turn with me if you would to John 3:16-21.  Jesus is the Light of the world.  He came to expose darkness.  He lived in contrast to darkness, evil and sin. He came to bear witness to truth in a world that was filled with lies. We live in that same sort of world.  There is darkness, evil and sin and the witness of light in Jesus Christ still stands.


Now lets go to the last book of the Bible which is what, kids?  Revelation 22:1-6.

In the last chapter of the Bible light makes a grand appearance.  The light is so bright that night and anything to do with night or darkness is banished forever!  In God’s presence there is only light.  This is why we are called to put away any deed of darkness or desire for it.  This is why we are called out of our sin and into his marvelous light.


Matthew 5:14-16.  We are the light of the world.  We are to let our light shine is such a way that God’s truth – his whole truth which includes his righteousness, holiness and judgment as well as his love and grace and mercy – is shone to the whole world.  We are the bearers of His light.  We are the witnesses to His truth. Our task is not to shine in such a manner that people notice us, but to shine in such a way that people are drawn to God. 


Concl.  That little light of yours? It’s meant to shine.  Take care not to hide it.  Take care not to let it get blown out.  Let it shine.  And as we head to the communion table to receive again the gift of Christ to us, made possible through his sacrifice, I leave you with one more passage of Scripture.  1 John 1:5-7.  This is a warning.  Beware!  It is really serious business to say “I am a Christian”, which is how we claim our fellowship with Christ and his church. To proclaim, “I am a Christian” and not live as a disciple or walk in the darkness, we lie. 


As we come to the table this morning. Spend a moment reflecting on the light you bear and the witness you live out.  Reflect on your discipleship as I will reflect on mine.  Confess what needs to be confessed as you hold the bread and take it.  Seek renewal as you hold the cup and taste it.  Meet Jesus in this meal He has prepared for us. Amen.